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Help people design a life that’s worth living; full of experiences, not things.

I’m just a normal guy who loves to travel the world. My goal is to inspire you to design a life that’s worth living; full of experiences, not things. Life is short – you should live it to the fullest!

If you are here, you probably have a genuine interest in traveling. It does not matter in which circumstances you find yourself in, it can be done. It is all about prioritization; getting rid of things that don’t add value to your life, to pursue the ones that bring you joy.

I will help you get a step closer to that goal. Follow my journey if you want to get your money right, design your lifestyle, and go where you are treated best. Everything you will need to know to turn your life 180degrees will be here. 

Travel Style

I am not a tourist, I am a traveler.

I teach people how to have real cultural experiences abroad. You will learn how to immerse in the culture by interacting with locals, tasting local cuisine, and enjoying the bustling nightlife.

Are you a frequent traveler or digital nomad? Here you will find all the tools needed for a long term stay in Latin America.

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What you will get

City Guides

Our city guides cover everything you need to know about the most popular spots for nomads in Latin America.

Make Money Online

We provide valuable tips on making money online. This includes freelancing, remote jobs, and online business models.


Reviews and honest insights on travel essentials and gear we use to produce our content.


It all started in 2015, on my first international trip to Mexico City

It all started on my first weekend trip to Mexico City back in 2015. Everything that the media said about the country was negative; corruption, pollution, and cartel violence. What I found was friendly locals, great food, and a relatively safe city for expats. I could not believe how awesome this city was.

After this trip, my mindset shifted. I got passionate about having the freedom to travel the world.

There was only one obstacle: I was a recent engineering graduate, working a full-time job, with 2 weeks of vacation.

Since then, I have been maximizing my vacation days to go on as many trips as possible. After 6 years, I have learned that the thing that I value the most in life is freedom.

I don’t have it yet but I have a plan to get there. You will be part of this. Stay tuned and follow me on this journey.